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Pick Your Robot and Play a Real Soccer Match

Mighty soccer player robots

Build your hand-held soccer player robots and spend hours of exciting times playing full-fledged soccer matches. Enhance Kid's teamwork and leadership skills.

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Learn STEM Through Play

Orange Tart

comes with many STEM activities that help your kids learn the 21st century's essential skills. kids can learn all about Coding, AI, and STEM topics through playing.

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Make Interactive Robotic Creatures

Humanoid Robotic Kit

A DIY interactive kit that acts like a human.

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Monkeynoid Robotic Kit

A DIY interactive kit to build different creatures.

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The Excitement Is Real

Orange Tart looks amazing. We're looking forward to playing this with my son and family. 👌

A Great way for students engaged on a different level. Lego: Fun, Soccer: Relatable, Robots: Awesome! 😍😍

It seems it will have a complete set to explore the creativity not only for kids it might be interesting for younger ones! 👍🏻🥰

My son loved to build things and he loved soccer. Would be great for him to learn how to build robots with your kits! This is Amazing!

Combining electronics, robotics, Lego would benefit our kids so much, awesome for Coding, AI, and all-around skills in multiple disciplines for our homeschool children.

Wonderful idea! A great combination of electronics, robotics, and Lego. I can't wait to get mine. 😍😍👍🏻