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Why Orange Tart is Unique?

Orange Tart Technical Specs.

With a LEGO®-compatible mini-computer, three powerful motors, and a rechargeable battery, Orange Tart empowers your kids to build their own robot and play for a long time.

Build LEGO®-compatible Soccer Robots

Kids love soccer because it's exciting. Let your kids put blocks together and create the best LEGO®-compatible soccer player robots ever.

Play Open-ended Soccer Games

Drive your soccer players with a professional and fun to play joystick App. Customize your favorite team wear with colorful LEDs. Spend hours of exciting times playing games. Don't let the fun wait.

Unleash Your Creativity

Bring your ideas to life, from innovative insect-like robots to giant cranes with Orange Tart LEGO®-compatible components.

Learn Coding Through Context of Soccer

Nowadays, knowledge of coding is a necessity. Orange Tart's super-easy drag-and-drop coding App provides a convenient way for kids to learn this knowledge.

Learn STEAM Through Play

Learn the real-world applications of Math, physics, coding, and AI in play. Enhance your imagination by integrating light painting photography into your game.


Pick a Robotic Athlete and Show Your Impressive Skills

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What's Included?

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