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An easy hands-on experience on engineering for young future innovators

Humanoid kit helps kids make what they imagine through DIY little projects. This empowers their self-esteem at young ages and encourages them to let their imaginations go limitless. Kids can make robots that can walk on their two legs like people or robots that can crawl on a flat surface or even dance with music!

Why Humanoid Kit?

Humanoid Interactivity

Researchers have shown that kids can get really involved with their toys if they can interact with them. Humanoid kit can hear you clap, and the faster you clap, the faster it works! So it actively involves the kids and encourages them to take physical actions.


Biped Robot

Dancer Robot

Crawler Robot

In The Box

The Humanoid robot kit comes with Cherry Core. A LEGO®-compatible sound-activated electronic board with a long-lasting, fast-charging onboard battery. A LEGO®-compatible compact DC motor that connects to the Cherry Core through its cable. And LEGO® Technic pieces like gears, beams, axles, and connector pegs. The included easy-to-follow instruction booklet helps kids to get started right out of the box.


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